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What is meant by the term "in media res?"

by John Madormo on 10/31/12

Here's a bit of information that might be of interest to aspiring writers. 

What is the best way to begin your novel?  One of the most effective ways is to start things off "in medias res," (translated: "in the middle of things").  You don't want your story to begin in the same manner as a fairy tale, "once upon a time."  Avoid filling the first ten pages of your few chapters with exposition.

Consider this: begin writing your manuscript.  As soon as things get interesting, (let's say on page 10), you should just toss those first 10 pages and start the book right there.  It's much more pleasurable for the reader to jump into the action immediately.

Starting off your manuscript "in medias res," is not only a great way to hook readers, but prospective agents or editors.  You need to hook them on page 1.  Don't waste time trying to build suspense early on.  Get right to it.  There will be plenty of opportunities for that later in the novel.

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